Jim's Styled Ride

Compton reveals he flew on a Vulcan jet to see the Allen-owned Trail Blazers play in Portland.

Seattle City Council member Jim Compton this week disclosed that last March he flew on a jet he believes is owned by Paul Allens Vulcan holding company to attend a basketball game played by the Allen-owned Portland Trail Blazers. In a letter sent Tuesday, Aug. 26, to the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission, Compton contends he did nothing wrong. But it is the second potentially embarrassing revelation from the former journalist in recent weeks. On Aug. 5, Compton admitted breaking the rules against ex parte communication during the Strippergate imbroglio surrounding zoning changes for a strip club in Lake City.

Compton has been one of the chief boosters of Vulcans City Hall agenda. In June, he sponsored a resolution to extend the City Councils support for Vulcans vision of South Lake Union as a future center for biotechnology. The Seattle Municipal Code forbids public officials from receiving any gifts that might appear to be given with intent to give or obtain special consideration or influence.

In his letter, Compton writes that the invitation to attend the March 6 Trail Blazers game came from a personal friend, who had been invited to the event by Faye Allen, Paul Allens mother. He adds, At no time did I speak with anyone from Vulcan about city business. The letter does not identify the friend, and Compton could not be reached for comment late Tuesday.

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