Dategirl Unmasked

I have been reading your column for several months. In one issue, you said that we men showed more interest when cleavage was shown, but not when you showed up in a miniskirt and heels. I disagree with those men. I think nothing is sexier than a woman's ass and legs. That said, I would love to see the pic that you had on your site. Please let me know what your site is. I really want to see a pic of you.

It's funny how questionsmuch like lovecome in spurts. Yours was one of four or five photo requests I got this past week. Does impending autumn make everyone curious like George or what?

You can't see my personal ad because I removed it a few months ago. Why, you ask? Well, young man, there are many reasons. One, I'm suffering from Chronic Dating Fatigue. (I've spoken of this before, so I'll spare you.)

Another, more recent reason was my latest stalker. Though we've never met face-to-face, after I unwisely gave him my phone number, he began calling at all hoursdrunk. I finally had to program his number in my cell phone under "DON'T PICK UP." I almost deleted it last week after I hadn't heard from him in a month or two, but nope. He called again that day.

And then there were all the times that I started corresponding with someone, only to have them ask what I did for a living. I'm a straight-up dame and so would send them a link to a column or two, only to note that these seemingly ardent pursuers would evaporate into the ether. It's enough to give a girl a complex.

So you see, I'm kinda over it. At least for now. And no, I'm not going to print a photograph of myself. (Like I'm not enough of a freak magnet already?) However, for your viewing pleasure, I'm going to run a portrait of me drawn by Troy, my favorite incarcerated reader. True, Troy and I have never met, and he has no idea what I look like, but I really think he captures the essence o' Dategirl in the fine piece of work below.

I really like your column, and I look forward to reading it every new issue. I was wondering, do you hate men? Some of what you write sounds like you can't stand them.

Not surprisingly, I also get the are-you-a-man-hater question quite often. As most people phrase it more like an accusation, I figured I'd address yours since you were so sweet about it. I'm pretty much an equal-opportunity disliker. ("Hate" is such a strong word, don't ya think?) The thing is, I get a lot more letters from dopey guys than I do from dopey girls. Probably because women are more inclined to ask their friends what they should do, whereas men would rather e-mail a stranger. Anyway, I think this next reader answers your question better than I could ever hope to.

I enjoy your column, Ms. McGuire.

Keep it up: We men deservenay, have earnedthe many glowing accolades you have heaped upon us in your column.

The question at my age (70) is: Can I, or can't I? As the old song states it so well, "It's been a long, long time."

Viagra. Word.

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