Doughnuts for the Masses

The Belltown space that housed a furnace repair shop in the 1950s is still cranking out hot goods: This time, they're smaller, hole-ier, and edible. You guessed itTop Pot's deliciously cakey doughnuts. The voluptuous O's started rolling out the door at 6 a.m. at last Friday's grand opening. Don't worry, Capitol Hillersthe Top Pot at 609 Summit Ave. E. isn't going anywhere. With every other cafe in town lining up to sell Top Pot's signature doughnuts, the little doughnut maker that could simply couldn't anymore; their wholesale operation outgrew their tiny Summit Avenue space. The new flagship store (2124 Fifth Ave. between Lenora and Blanchard streets, 206-728-1966) is at least four times as big as the first store, and it's stylin', toothe glass-fronted, two-story space served as a high-end architect's showroom and frame shop for the last decade or so. The wholesale doughnut-making and coffee-roasting operations are tucked neatly in the back of the building, while the cafe serves doughnuts, coffee, soup, and sandwiches at the front of the house. According to manager Gina Mainwal, the Summit Avenue store sells 50 to 90 dozen doughnuts a day! She expects to triple those numbers at the new location. EXPONENTIAL GROWTH Thanks in part to a recent exposť†©n these pages, the W Hotel's monthly happy hour deluxe, S.I.P., is on the rise. Encouraged by an undercover SW report on rampant yuppie commingling, wardrobe snobbery, and countless other evils on display at S.I.P., the event's promoters have redoubled their effortsliterally. S.I.P. is now a twice-a-month affair, renamed S.I.P.2. So the next time you're at the W sipping a lemon drop and munching on guava-scented pretzels, take a moment to recognize the impact one weekly paper can have upon the wider cultural landscape. PR NIPPING AT YOUR NOSE Neither showers nor gray skies nor gloom of midday can keep the Kathy Casey public-relations machine from moving forward, and if that means promoting winter holiday events in September, then so be it. The latest press release from Kathy Casey Food Studioswhich begins: "Dashing through the Studios, on a one-stop shop parade, over the thrills we go, buying all the way"is enough to make Christmas scary. The gist is that on Dec. 13 and 14, the Studios will hold holiday-themed sampling sessions wherein the curious and the damned may gobble "lavender blueberry chutney," sip Dish D'Lish's hot buttered rum made from Dish D'Lish's mix, and somehow consume Casey's signature "over 21" SoCo fruitcake. Truth be told, we at the Weekly are eagerly awaiting the Christmas season, when Casey and co. will unveil their plans for the Fourth of July. Food and/or beverage news? E-mail Hot Dish at

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