Tracy Kidder

Mountains Beyond Mountains

Cut taxes at home, go to war abroad, then ask the U.N. to clean up the resulting messisn't that about how our foreign policy works these days? So it's a good time to hear from the Pulitzer Prize-winning Kidder (pictured) about health conditions in the forgotten Third World. His focus in Mountains Beyond Mountains is on Dr. Paul Farmer, winner of a MacArthur "genius award," who works with the poorest of the poor in Haiti, where HIV and other infectious diseases run rampant. But as we know, anti-viral drugs cost money, and Farmer's funding sources are mainly privateincluding the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Kidder's account also ventures to Peru, where drug-resistant TB is running rampant. If that sounds depressing, it's not. In a world where Bush and Cheney are running rampant, men like Farmer remind us how individuals can still make a difference. U.W. Kane Hall, Room 110, 206-634-3400 (free tickets required in advance from University Book Store), 7 p.m. Thurs. Oct. 2. BRIAN MILLER

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