Arts & Entertainment: Nick Garrison's Picks


Arts & Entertainment: Nick Garrison's Picks

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  • Arts & Entertainment: Nick Garrison's Picks

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    It's understandable that Weekly readers would name world-class heavyweight Larry Ballard as Best Local Actor; but if you ask us, diminutive dynamo NICK GARRISON is the closest thing Seattle stages have to a star. Star quality is why you choose to leave the comfort of your cable television and drag your bourgeois butt to a theater, and it's less about technique and more about that certain . . . what do the French call it?something or other. Perhaps best known for blowing the roof off Re-bar several seasons ago as the soul of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Garrison has a kind of comic timing that makes audiences instant convertsonce you hear him offhandedly slice a couple of laughs from a single joke, you never forget itand his piercing singing voice goes well beyond the confines of standard "musical theater" (if a bird could howl, it would sound like him). Plus, he deserves some kind of medal for casually disregarding comfortable notions of gender and sexuality: With a sensibility perched on a razor's edge between irony and devastating gravity, his many turns as women (including nurse Fay in Intiman's Loot) are too complicatedly funny to call camp. Such a shame that Garrison wasn't playing Frank-N-Furter in the 5th Avenue's recent production of The Rocky Horror Showif anyone could rethink Tim Curry's heels, it's him. He's just innately fabulous.Steve Wiecking NICK GARRISON'S PICKS BEST PLACE TO BUY A VINTAGE TEE: "Atlas. It can get pricey, but you can always find something there." BEST GAY BAR: "The Crescent, especially during karaoke. I did 'And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going' one night, and I really brought it; I said it was in honor of Black History Month." BEST SHOWBIZ COUPLE: "Chris Jeffries [writer/composer, Vera Wilde] and Ed Hawkins [theater director, Stage Door]. They're extremely talented. And they're the best people to get high and watch The Blue Lagoon with." BEST LOCAL TV PERSONALITY: "Kathi Goertzenshe has such great style." BEST DANCE NIGHT: "I like Flammable at Re-bar." BEST DJ: "DJ Freddy and MC Queen Lucky. I just think they're adorable." BEST LOCAL CHOICE TO PORTRAY NICK GARRISON IN A PLAY: "The serious choice would be Stephen Hando [Book-It Repertory Theatre's Owen Meany in its annual John Irving Christmas show]. And then Sarah Rudinoff, because she knows me so well."

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