Best Offbeat Answers

Some of you hilariously misinterpreted our questions. Other respondents knew exactly what they were doing: riffing on our straitlaced queries with irreverent, weird, extremely unnecessary answers in questionable taste. Here are a few standouts: BEST CAPITALIST: "Oxymoron" BEST TEACHER: "Mrs. Robinson" BEST LOCAL ENTERTAINER: "Crazy guy in front of Pottery Barn" BEST DAILY PAPER: "Toilet" BEST INDEPENDENT MUSIC STORE: "Sam Goody," "Tower," "Target," "Wal-Mart" BEST BOWLING ALLEY: "Mormon Bowling Temple" BEST RIDE AT THE FUN FOREST (SEATTLE CENTER): "Forgot his name" BEST AMENITY FOR A MONORAIL STATION: "Muzak" BEST SEATING SECTION AT SAFECO FIELD: "What's a Safeco?" BEST PLACE TO PICK UP SOMEONE STRAIGHT: "The Republican Party" BEST CAR FOR SEATTLE: "A bicycle"

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