Food & Drink: Mariners' Picks


Food & Drink: Mariners' Picks

Best Places to Eat Like a Mariner

  • Food & Drink: Mariners' Picks

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    That money you were going to spend on baseball playoff tickets is burning a hole in your pocket, we know, so before you settle in this weekend to watch the World Series, treat your spouse or some other baseball-averse significant other to dinner. You don't need to tell them that your favorite MARINER dines where you will be diningperhaps in the very chairs you will occupy. That's private satisfaction you can savor as a reward for not being able to spend October at the Hit It Here Cafe.Mike Henderson and Chuck Taylor JOHN OLERUD'S PICK BEST PLACE FOR A ROMANTIC DINNER: The first baseman's pick is Campagne in the Pike Place Market. WILLIE BLOOMQUIST'S PICK BEST STEAK HOUSE: The meat-and-potatoes utility infielder says his favorite joint is the Metropolitan Grill downtown. ICHIRO'S PICK BEST SUSHI: Who better to ask? Not surprisingly, the Zen hitter likes Shiro's in Belltown, Seattle's trans-Pacific superstar of Japanese food.

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