People & Politics: Cab Elvis' Picks


People & Politics: Cab Elvis' Picks

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    That would have to be in the back seat of CAB ELVIS, with the King at the wheel. David Groh has been fighting traffic and taxi-cab inspectors who think his ivory-jeweled high-collar outfit, gold-rimmed shades, and dyed pompadour with sideburns are OK in Memphis or Vegas but violate Seattle's dress code. Groh, a former waiter and dance instructor, is also a Universal Life minister and offers a package deal: a wedding with a ride to the boudoir. He has performed two marriages in jail, including one for an inmate facing a homicide charge, and concluded the ceremonydone at the visiting-room window with, "You may now smile at the bride." Since starting his act at a Halloween party a few years back and being made semifamous by a Seattle Weekly story ("A June Wedding," June 12, 2002), pastor/cabbie Elvis has been cashing in with his Redtop Elvis taxi-van, only to catch the unamused attention of the city over what is appropriate behind-the-wheel garb. He's already been fined $30 and faces double fines hereafter, although City Council member Richard Conlin is in his corner and would like to see the rules relaxed. Among Groh's assorted minutes of fame, Cab Elvis appears in a new indie film, Rear View Mirror, and Groh was a guest on Sharon Osbourne's new TV show. Says Groh: "I was nervous and sweated like a pig. During a break, Sharon got out a towel for me."Rick Anderson Rev. Elvis: 206-484-6183. Cab Elvis: 206-789-4949; CAB ELVIS' PICKS BEST ELVIS MOMENT: When Ride the Ducks tour drivers point him out as "the legendary" Elvis Cab Driver of Seattle. BEST BAR: Turf in the a.m., NocNoc in the p.m. BEST RESTAURANT: Athenian Inn at Pike Place Market, where he was an extra for Sleepless in Seattle; they also have a peanut butter, banana, and chocolate sandwich on the menu. TWO BEST SEATTLE THINGS: Rain and a funky pro- bono attorney.

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