Market Fresh

Hear the litany of their names, a carillon of autumn: Richard Red, Indian Summer, Winter Banana, Tsugaro, Early Tydeman, Swiss Arlett, Sunrise, Macintosh, Early Gold, Ginger Gold, Shamrock, Honey Crisp: An apple a day and you'll never get to the end of them. The last tomatoes of the year are among the sweetest. Potatoes don't care about the weather; incorporate them into all your fall meals while they're crisp and fresh. And it's pumpkin time at last! Don't buy them just for carving; pick up a sugar pie and roast it for its luscious sweet flesh. You don't even have to worry about making a pie: There's nothing to beat plain pumpkin custard. Try it flavored with fresh bay and ginger (the way the Herbfarm's Jerry Traunfeld does it) instead of the traditional pie spices; you may never go back to the old recipe again.

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