Very Important Partyer: Dan Dembiczak

PARTYER: Dan Dembiczak

ORGANIZATION: The Male Bonding Experiment.

AGENDA: Getting gay guys out of their same-old gay bars and into someplace new. It's not a political thingit's a performance art thing. Dembiczak is a director, and he's into "taking risks and creating a spectacle."

MODUS OPERANDI: Groups of 20 or so gay men get together and, en masse, go somewhere unlikely, like the low-key rocker bar Twilight Exit (2020 E. Madison St., 206-324-7462), as opposed to the gay, gay, gay Cuff (1533 13th Ave., 206-323-1525).

NEXT STUNT: Saturday, Nov. 8. Dembiczak won't disclose the exact location (it's always a surprise, and that's part of the stunt), but he says it's going to be an Ethiopian bar crawl complete with a "guilty pleasures" CD treasure hunt along the way. We're betting there will be some old Kylie Minogue discs buried in the bushes.

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