Very Important Partyer: Jed Maheu

PARTYER: Jed Maheu

ORGANIZATION: Independent (although he moonlights as part of Sub Pop's promo team and plays in various local bands).

AGENDA: None. Partying for the sake of the party. And because cheap beer is so damn good.

BEST STUNT PULLED: Making the members of the British Isles' ultraloud, ultradruggy rock band Mogwai blush in the back of their tour bus outside the Showbox (1426 First Ave., 206-628-0221) by inquiring as to their experience with Scottish strippers. Maheu has also been known to walk into the hotel suites of national touring bands buck naked.

FAVORITE PLACE TO GET THE PARTY STARTED: The Sloop (2830 N.W. Market St., 206-782-3330).

FAVORITE PLACE TO END UP IN THE MORNING: "In between some girl whose name I can't remember and the Southern-facing wall of her bedroom."

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