Very Important Partyers: Vivian McPeak and Dominic Holden

PARTYERS: Vivian McPeak and Dominic Holden

ORGANIZATION: Hempfest, of which Holden is the public, talk-to-the-media face, while McPeak is the soul of the long-standing summer event. The co- executive directors of the event are unpaid.

AGENDA: Ending stupid marijuana lawswhich, of course, would improve parties everywherethrough nonviolent means.

BEST STUNTS PULLED: Just putting on the two-day event each August (about 190,000 people attended this year) is a stunt in itself, performed with 1,000 volunteers. But what's really stunning is that, for over a decade, they've been doing it with the cooperation of the Seattle police and the city of Seattle.

MODUS OPERANDI: A park, in this case Myrtle Edwards Park along the waterfront. A sunny summer day. Dozens of bands playing on five stages. Speakers decrying marijuana laws. People of all ages, races, and genders gathering in numbers rarely seen in the Northwest and publicly smoking the herb. Police making few, if any, arrests. Freedom, however brief.

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