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Inhabiting an assortment of sadsack characters ranging from Anal Prince to Bitter Guy, writer/performer Mark Boeker leads a guided stumble through the blinkered bathos of the male psychea Swiss cheese of anxiety, regret, and despair. Yes, this is Bogosian territory, though Boeker's particular losers are more nebbish than Neanderthal. His writing is wickedly sharp, yet tempered by the sort of wincing humor that comes from a ballsy identification with the subject matter. Such empathyand solid acting chopsallows Boeker to create a succession of convincing dorks, each funny and fucked-up in his own unique way. Consolidated Works, 500 Boren Ave. N., 206-352-6374. $10. 11 p.m. Fri.-Sat. Ends Sat. Nov. 22. DICK MORIN


Usually the curving lines of baroque hand gestures are compared to the spiral shapes found in architectural designs of that period, but in this duo concert with early dance specialist Anna Mansbridge (pictured) and cellist Claire Garabedian we'll see the relationship between those movements and music: When the dancer's fingers spiral and fan, they echo the cellist's hands on the neck of her instrument, as if the dance was the music, written out in space. Town Hall, Eighth Ave. and Seneca St., 206-325-7066. $5-$10. 1 p.m. Sun. Nov. 16. SANDRA KURTZ

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