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I was wondering if you know of a dating company started, I believe, by two women in Seattle that involves setting up people with above-average financial coffers (millionaires). I can't track it down on the Internet.

Thanks in advance for any information you may have and can send on!


Look, Kellie, if you want to whore yourself out to the highest bidder, that's your business. But being a successful prostitute requires a lot more work than asking an advice columnist how to find a loaded john. Hooking is not for the lazy. If you're serious about selling your ass to some Daddy Warbucks, I suggest you first down a dose of smarts and figure out how to score one on your own. On the off chance that you yourself are a millionairess seeking a financially compatible mate, shouldn't you have a staff of advisers who'll figure out where you can meet your big-bucks brethren?

Why would I waste my time finding you a rich boyfriend or promoting a company that caters to gold diggers? I'm a fairly cynical dame, but your question managed to offend even my rather indelicate sensibilities. Maybe it's because though my bills are always overdue and my checking account is consistently overdrawn, I'd sooner sell my Misfits singles than look to some man to bail me out. (Oh, wait, I already sold those to pay August's rent. . . . )

It may shock some of you to learn that the Girl of Date is really a romantic fool in this regard. I firmly believe that finance and romance should not have anything to do with each other. Someone's checking account balance shouldn't count for or against them as a human being. So therefore, young Kellie, you are on your own with this quest.

Your are not a professional journalist are you?


Interesting query there, Quanta. Just for fun, I left your really dumb grammatical error in as I pondered this question. I reckon I'm a professional something, as I get paid to write this (and other things), but just to make sure, I consulted two of my most certifiably professional journalistic pals.

Jules works for a Texas daily newspaper. This is what she had to say: "Pleaseyou are totally a professional journalist. You are paid to write nonfiction; you interview "experts" and quote people. As a columnist, there is opinion and first-person, but no less journalistically than, say, George Will."

Chris, a pal who writes for a major paper in Washington, D.C., had the following to add: "If you get paid to write, and your stuff runs in a newspaper (alternative weeklies count), then you are a journalist. You may not be a reporter (although you certainly do some reporting), but you are a journalist, of the columnist variety. You should also remind the letter writer that despite the existence of journalism schools, journalism is a job that requires no credential. It's the beauty of the First Amendment; if you write up just about anything and pass it out, you can call yourself a journalist. If a blogger can be a "journalist," anyone can be. You can also remind the letter writer that one does not need to be a journalist to practice good grammar."

Hope that cleared things up for ya, Quanta. SeeI don't need no stinking credentials! Mwah ha ha!!!!

A bunch of men wrote in protesting thatcontrary to what the woman who wrote in last week claimedthey indeed do love to go down and keep it up throughout the relationship. One guy had this somewhat interesting litmus test to gauge for potential pussy-munching paramours:

I don't understand any man who is reluctant to go down on a woman. The most macho thing any man can do is give a woman the best orgasm possible, which usually means as much licking as she wants. A rough-and-ready way to tell a man's proclivities in this regard is to take him out for sushi; if he goes for "challenging" items like sea urchin or monkfish liver, he'll do you proud. If he sticks to the California rolls, dump him.

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