Gift Guide 1

Tech & Toys: The information you need about this seasons hottest finds. Batteries not included.

Gift Guide 2

Mind, Body, & Spirit: Serenity now! Now, in the midst of the holiday madness, its the perfect time to slow down and explore some gifts that bring a little more peace, pellucidity, and pleasure to everyone on your list, not to mention yourself.

Gift Guide 3

Books, Music & DVDs: Put the multi back in multimedia with the top three gift categories to topple already teetering shelves. Even if your loved ones are illiterate, theyll still appreciate photo books. Even if they dont understand MP3, you can still resort to old-fashioned CDs. And even if theyre clinging to their VCRs, DVD players are now cheap enough for stocking stuffers.

Gift Guide 4

Food & Drink: More than two years after 9/11, the kitchen is still challenging the TV room as the center of a healthy middle-class home. Food is more than the centerpiece of holiday mealsits something to give, something to remember, something to write about. We suggest scanning the following pages to spark ideas of your own, but if you come up dry, nobody could object to finding a jar of Mama Lils Peppers in their stocking, could they? (Assuming its tightly sealed, that is. . . . )

Gift Guide 5

Wit's End: 'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the land Shoppers ran around town without even a plan. They had to get something for friends and for fam (Even better if it doesn't end up in the can). For those folks, we offer this here Gift Guide, then, For shopping, last-minute, and at your wit's end.

Holiday Calendar

Sales, exhibitions, and events around town. By Neal Schindler, Brandon Ivey, and Sandra Kurtz

Shopping Center Hours

A complete guide, from now through Christmas.

Holiday Art Sales

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