Gifts With Wings

Boy, are there angels in Americaon wall hangings, toothbrush holders, and pet collars, among other places. A guide to getting the best in angelic accoutrements. By Joanne Garrett

Gearing Up for the New Age

In Ravenna, a sensually stirring, one-stop shop for balms, soaps, massagers, and other wonderful things. By George Howland Jr.

Botanically Speaking

The customized way to say, "I love you": creating your own hand lotion, massage oil, and "dream pillows." By Samantha Storey

Alchemy: Back and Bigger Than Ever!

For Hobbit and Potter fansas well as other mysticsa host of new books re-examine this age-old "science." By Knute Berger

Bronze Is the New White

Spray tanning may be just the thing for the pasty faces on your list. (Or so say the Queer Eye guys.) We give it a whirl. By Steve Wiecking


That's right. Slippers. So comfy you'll be tempted to wear 'em to Safeway. By Laura Cassidy

The I's Have It

Journaling is bigger than ever. Start-up kits and fancy notebooks are among the wealth of gift options for the introspective. By Tom Keogh

Clearing the Mind

Our writer samples an introductory meditation class to see if the gift of blankness keeps on giving. By Nina Shapiro

Why Yoga Poses Are Named After Animals

Several new books explore yoga's ties to the wild kingdom. By Joanne Garrett

Clean (and Not-So-Clean) Getaways

A handful of Northwest escapes, from wisdom practices to naughty massage. By SW staff

Holiday Calendar

Sales, exhibitions, and events around town. By Neal Schindler, Brandon Ivey, and Sandra Kurtz

Shopping Center Hours

A complete guide, from now through Christmas.

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