Fun House

At any given time in any given city, there must be at least one punk-rock club where underground bands actually make a little cash, where shows are booked with utter disregard for the stuff that litters the plates of the mass consumers, where the cheapest beer is the best beer. Right here, right now, that place is the Fun House, where Pabst Blue Ribbon and homegrown garage punk reign supreme. Much in the spirit of its former occupant, Zak's, the Fun House is low on frills and high on thrillsloud ones. You won't find any top-shelf liquor here, because there is no liquor. Not yet (their license is pending). And quite often you won't find any bottled water for sale nor toilet paper in the women's room. But no matter; true to the name, fun is always in good supply. 206 Fifth Ave. N., 206-374-8400.

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