Less to Read, More to See

A sampling of this year's best photo books shows how a great picture is worth far more than a thousand words (blame it on inflation). By Brian Miller

Red and Green Ink

There's bound to be something among these half-dozen holiday book picks to fit on any shelf. By Seattle Weekly staff

The Misfits

Sometimes the best musical gift is also the oddest. And if that music's made by a guy wearing a handmade leather ponchoso much the better. By Mike McGonigal

And Yet Still Another Side of Bob Dylan

The Seattle Weekly music editor wondershow is it possible that we must spend $250 on old-fogy tracks that sound, yes, new and essential? By Michaelangelo Matos

The 10 Commandments of DVD

Some movies, a little TV, even some music videoswhy should a 10-best list even try to be consistent? It's all about one man's taste. By Tom Keogh

Ready for Prime Time

Enough with classic cinema and the Criterion Collection. When it comes to DVDs, give us more of Jack Tripper and Chrissy Snow! By Seattle Weekly staff

Holiday Calendar

Carousels, pottery, and sorority girls gone wild! Most of these seasonal events are cheap, many are for charity, and none includes Paris Hilton! And isn't that a welcome gift for us all? By Neal Schindler and Brandon Ivey

Holiday Art Sales

Cover Illustration: Tad Hutchison

Editor: Brian Miller

Art Directors: Karen Steichen and Aimee Ziemer

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