Cookbooks 2003: Back to Basics

To hell with comfort food; this year's authors want you to get under the hood and find out how it works. By Seattle Weekly staff and contributors

Local Brilliance

Stocking stuffers and hostess giftsall from round the Sound. By Seattle Weekly staff

Tools of the Trade

Top chefs tell you what kitchen gadgets they couldn't live without. (Got $2,400 to spare for a juicer?) By Neal Schindler and Roger Downey

Adventures in Gift Giving

It's December 24 or bust . . . and sometimes you just do. By Seattle Weekly staff

The Real Dr. Food

Alton Brown drives some people nuts, but his books and TV shows really teach something worth knowing. By Roger Downey

To Gastronomy . . . and Beyond!

The Easy-Bake Oven embarks on a fifth decade of luring kids into the kitchen. By Brandon Ivey

Bring Back, Bring Back . . .

Things that never should have gone out of holiday style. By Seattle Weekly staff and contributors

Holiday Calendar

The what, where, and when of this season's festivities. By Neal Schindler, Brandon Ivey, and Sandra Kurtz

Cover Illustration: John T. Valles

Editor: Roger Downey

Art Directors: Karen Steichen and Aimee Ziemer


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