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LET THEM EAT CUPCAKE Call it "bake-sale chic": Cupcakes are positioned to be 2004's haute cuisine. Nothing fancyjust plain old cupcakes. They made you happy when you were a kid, so why shouldn't they now? New Yorkers are lining up outside the West Village's popular Magnolia Bakery for the fluffy treats. Martha Stewart devised a cupcake tower as a new trend in wedding cakes. Should Seattle stand by as the rest of the world embarks on a sugary mini-cake odyssey? No! The citizens of our fair city deserve cupcakes, too. Jody Hall, cupcake visionary, knows this. That's why she created Cupcake Royale, Seattle's first and only bakery dedicated to the quaint childhood delicacies. For now, they're simple but prettyonly white cake or chocolate cake with either vanilla or chocolate frostingeverything one might expect from a cupcake. The bakery's housed in Madrona's new Verite Coffee, so you can have your cakes with coffee instead of the milk of your childhood. You've come a long way, babybut we bet you'll still get giddy over these little cakes. 1101 34th Ave., 206-709-4497. MADRONA

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