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Forget about hemp tunics and espadrilles. Hemp clothing is as good as accepted in the public eye. The Vote Hempers have a new hemp use to lobby: hemp foods. According to the current Vote Hemp Report, the seeds, oil, and nuts of the controversial plant could add a nutritious twist to salad dressing, nutrition bars, bread, cookies, granola, waffles, chips, pasta, and even frozen desserts, if the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) would just let the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) have its way. In the past, the DEA has banned hemp in foods because of the plant's association with marijuana, damnation the HIA finds unfair and has appealed in federal court. Thanks to its healthy portions of vitamin E, protein, and essential fatty acids, the plant is said to make a nutritional nut butter and cold-pressed oil supplement as well. And, perhaps most convincingly, hemp is said to actually taste good, a benefit similarly healthy supplements such as fish and flax oil can't claim. Just think what a better place this world could be if children were allowed hemp milk with their hempseed breakfast cereal.


A few weeks ago in this space, we alerted you to the antihangover gauntlet thrown down by Peso's Kitchen and Lounge. In search of the ideal hangover cure, Peso's offered a $1,000 margarita bash to whichever Seattle-area inebriate could devise the wisest morning-after countermeasure. By the Dec. 12 deadline, a dazzling array of homemade antidotes to alcohol-induced aphasia had emerged. Sadly, a strongly worded press release from Peso's HQ advised local food columns, including Hot Dish, to protect the hard-drinkin' victors by announcing only their initials. Thus, we hereby report the dual triumph of J.F. and D.R., of Seattle and Renton, respectively. J.F.'s hangover cure consists of vodka ("or gin"), beef bouillon, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, and a raw egg, to be swigged in one awful go. D.R. goes the more pragmatic (and less disgusting) route with his intestinal-distress-relieving cocktail of Pepcid and Alka-Seltzer Plusto be ingested before drinkingfollowed by a morning-after Excedrin chaser. Common sense? Pure genius? Either way, we heartily congratulate J.F. and D.R. (who get to split the prize 50-50) and wish them many hangover-less mornings to come.


If your appetite for scary food stories isn't sated by the daily media, check out the hundreds of items at Dr. Michael Greger's BSE/vKJS page at the Organic Consumers Association Web site, In particular, don't miss the article from the Sept. 22 Spokane Spokesman Review about a local man who is dying of a condition that appears to match the symptoms of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, which has killed over 150 people in England so far.

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