Patti Summers Lounge

The nights seem to slip away from you at Pike Place Market's Patti Summers Lounge, which could be the fault of either the strong drinks or the abundance of strange, haunted figures hiding in the corners. There's something mesmerizing about watching people drink their lives away while you do the very same thing—and it doesn't help that you're basically underground. Of course, the entertainment tends to keep you tucked into your table, too; when Ms. Summers herself isn't sailing through some skewed torch song and tickling the ivories, there's some other form of fairly ridiculous entertainment—usually of the so-bad-it's-good variety. Don't expect the service to be too smiley, and don't expect the food to be top-notch. And don't expect to be home before your curfew. 94 Pike St., 206-621-8555.

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