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Despite what HBO would have us believe, dating is not the exclusive province of the flawlessly beautiful and impeccably shod. Here in Seattle, well outside the spotlight, are a host of lesser-known subcultures where the unsung and the atypical are busily, happily dating beneath the radar. Thanks to Internet dating, we've learned to check as many like/dislike boxes as possible in our personal profiles, and the same specificity of interests and lifestyle serves us in non-cyber life as well. Let's face it: Your best hope of finding a match—or at least increasing your dating odds—is to match your niche, as we learn below.

Duet, Anyone? High-Culture Singles at the Opera and Symphony

By Mark D. Fefer

Heavy Petting Dating for the Plus-Size Crowd

By Mark. D. Fefer

Get Your Word Freak On Spelling "Love" With Scrabble

By Neal Schindler

Dating Without Sex Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

By Mark D. Fefer

The 13th Step Looking for Love at AA

By Judy McGuire

Dating by the Numbers Jewish and Over 50 in Seattle

By Marilyn Meyer

Dating for the Non-Monogamist Counting to One

By Katie Millbauer

Young and Broke What It's Like in Our Pitiful Little Demographic

By Ginger Donald and Grant Brissey

Big Bodies, Small Boats Romance Among the Oarsmen (and Oarswomen)

By Zana Bugaighis

Books of Love We review 10 new books on the current state of dating and sex.

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