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LAYOFFS ON THE TABLE Is it something we did? Local upscale kitchenware retailer Sur La Table is moving their operations elsewhere, leaving Seattle?and about 70 local employees?high and dry. And they do so with the age-old "It's not you, it's me" spiel: Susanna Linse, public relations manager for Sur La Table, says that the move's a "great opportunity" for the company, and that Indiana is "a better location strategically" now that the chain's expanding on the East Coast. Though Seattle shops in Pike Place Market and Kirkland are staying put, two warehouses and about 70 jobs will be phased out by April. Breaking up is hard to do. THE OFFAL TRUTH U.S. beef producers aren't the only victims of the Mad Cow scare. Some of the most popular dishes on hyphenated-American menus will no longer be available, due to the ban on using beef small intestines for human or animal food. Adios tripas, the fragrant Mexican fast-food dish, so long Vietnamese pho tai sach, and fug-ed-about kishkas, Poland's beloved beef blood-and-barley sausage. There goes the neighborhood deli. COOKIN' WITH BREW Redhook Brewery's come up with a nifty little cookbook devoted to dishes you can make using their artisanal brews: Check out the creamy cheese-and-vegetable bisque laced with Winterhook Ale, Thai curry clams simmered in coconut milk and Redhook India Pale Ale, and more than a dozen more recipes, including some for biscuits, rice pudding, and chocolate truffles. The free booklet's available at Redhook brewpubs, but you can also score a copy on the Redhook Web site ( OF SEAMONSTERS AND MODELS Think a midnight fashion show held in a restaurant sounds odd? Oh, loosen up! Seamonster Lounge is celebrating local designers with a fashion and music show this Friday, Feb. 13. "Every artist featured is from our neighborhood," says owner Andrew Nunez. "The bands [Sean Stirling, 6-9 p.m.; Plasticene, 9 p.m.-midnight], the photography exhibition and the designers." Music starts at 6 p.m.; Fashion show at Midnight. Cover $3 before 9 p.m., then $5. 2202 N. 45th St., 206-633-1824. WALLINGFORD Food and/or beverage news? E-mail Hot Dish at

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