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GLASS WITH CLASS Austrian crystal maker Georg Riedel made his name manufacturing fabulously expensive stemware purporting to enhance the aroma of any wine poured into it. Not content with owning the super-high-end market, though, the company manufactures several less costly lines. Now they've gone all the way, creating six varieties of wine glasses shaped to glorify six popular wine types (light white, chard, riesling, pinot, cab, and syrah) with no stems at all. At $10 to $12.50 each, the tumbler-style glasses still aren't cheap, but people who drink wine regularly and who don't want to worry about putting delicate stemware in the dishwasher will no doubt go for them in a big way. ACOUSTIC COOKING When waning musicians Lisa Loeb and Dweezil Zappa pitched their new cooking/travel/music show, Dweezil & Lisa, to Food Network producers, we can only imagine what they (the producers) were thinking. But the alt-pop pals are building some real buzz with the program, which is kind of like MTV's Newlyweds—except it's marketed to hippie-dippie foodies who actually remember Loeb's 1994 hit single, "Stay" (or Dweezil's famous dad, Frank). A niche demographic, in other words. Once Loeb and Zappa have made their way from Milwaukee to the West Coast, cooking and performing and adoring each other all the while, expect to see them at our very own Crocodile Café on Wednesday, March 10. If Loeb's recent album Cake and Pie is any indication, fans should bring their sweet tooth to the session. AND THE CONE GOES TO . . . Here is your chance to taste your way into fame and fortune by voting in Cold Stone Creamery's third annual Best Ice Cream Creation in a Motion Picture Category ( Review the latest Hollywood-themed productions and get chip-faced on Minty River, give your heart to Strawberr-iscuit, or get Lost in Banana Splitation. These cinemagical flavors are neither influenced nor condoned by the academy (unlike last year's prestigious winner, "Lord of the Oreos: The Two Cookies," which beat out such honorable mentions as "Chicadough" and "The Pecanist." It looks to be quite a rocky road with many flavors to savor and votes to cast before the winner is announced on March 1. Help these red-carpet creations lick the other contestants, and raise your spoons to this year's fabulous batch of nominees! NOT SO FAST Last week Hot Dish reported that Sur la Table was picking up and leaving us in April. The locally owned upscale kitchenware retailer is moving its warehouses to Indiana—70 local employees will lose their jobs—but the corporate headquarters is staying in town, along with its Pike Place Market and Kirkland retail outlets.

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