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Amy Wheeler's play is set in an unnamed country, in the wake of a similarly anonymous war. The main storyline concerns the fate of an unlikely homeless duo—an orphaned boy (Kalan Sherrard, right) and a young woman (Marie Broderick, left), pregnant after repeated rapes in prison, who join forces as they attempt to rebuild their shattered lives. Their individual histories are pieced together through flashbacks and dream sequences. Director Christine Young has staged the show in an imaginative fashion—the mayhem isn't something you simply observe, it's exploding all around you—and the leads turn in largely understated performances. There's a delicacy to this work that readily conveys how even the mere prospect of hope enables people to endure seemingly unbearable circumstances. Capitol Hill Arts Center, 1621 12th Ave., 206-325-6500. $8-$22. 8 p.m. Thurs.-Sat. Ends Sat. Feb. 28. GILLIAN G. GAAR


The population of the dance community will spike this weekend, when Epifano (pictured) brings her ensemble here from San Francisco, along with a group of dancers from the University of Montana, for a pair of wild performances. As comfortable flying through the air as rolling on the ground, Epifano's works are full of humor, non sequitur, and vivid images that can catch your heart or sock you in the gut. Velocity MainSpace Theater, 915 E. Pine St., second floor, 206-325-8773. $13-$15. 8 p.m. Fri. Feb. 27-Sat. Feb. 28. SANDRA KURTZ

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