Located in the old Romper Room spot, Watertown is the place to go after you've gotten soused at Peso's and want to get your groove on—and, possibly, get some new digits to program into your cell. We are too afraid to enter late at night, content merely to imagine the frantic efforts at yuppie coup­ling that must take place at the bar and on the dance floor; however, on an earlyevening, Watertown is a fine choice for ensconcing oneself in a high-backed, cushy booth and easing the transition between day and night with a large and lovely cocktail. Watertown hosts a DJ every night of the week and keeps the dance floor open at all times. Pop radio fans should stop by on a Friday night; 106.1 FM kicks off every weekend by broadcasting live from inside the club. 106 First Ave. N., 206-284-5003.


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