Brunches Only A Mother Could Love

Even if she was strict throughout your childhood and insists on wearing fanny packs to this day, your mom deserves a Mother's Day celebration. Presents tied with curly ribbons are nice, but to really express your gratitude this Sunday, why not give Mom the gift of good food and good company? (Well, good food, at least.) May 8 If you're looking for an alternative to crowded restaurants and aching to flex your culinary muscle, then the Wedgwood Culinary Center is your destination. Jump-start Mom's big day by taking a Mother's Day brunch class, where you'll fix a scrumptious brunch for four that can be served the next day (preferably in bed). Quiche, cinnamon rolls, and smoked salmon hash browns with chive sour cream will look lovely on Grandma's antique tray, and Mom will be impressed that you were so prepared! $70. 3–6 p.m. 7347 35th Ave. N.E., 206-525-2511. WEDGWOOD May 9 Make your mother proud by surprising her with a delicious brunch at Earth & Ocean. At a mere $29 per person, she'll be impressed by the thrift she ingrained in you, and dishes like eggs Benedict with asparagus, Dungeness crab, and dill hollandaise may even start to make up for those years of adolescent rebellion. If not, perhaps griddle pancakes, grilled wild salmon with sorrel sauce, and candied ginger-white chocolate ganache will do the trick. $29 per person. 9:30 a.m.–2 p.m. 1112 Fourth Ave., 206-264-6060. DOWNTOWN For those craving a spicy Mother's Day celebration, the festive brunch at Masala's Indian restaurant promises to shower mothers (no, not literally) with garlic mussels, butter chicken, lamb kofta, and a variety of vegetarian dishes. A little relaxation is in order, and we're sure your mom would love to sip a complimentary glass of wine and think back on all the work she's done to make you the grateful, clean-cut, well-adjusted person you pretend to be when she's around. $11.95. 11:30 a.m.–3 p.m. 539B Northgate Way N.E., 206-417-1118. NORTHGATE

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