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Citrusy, with a hint of cream . . .  In a review last winter, we noted that Purple Cafe & Wine Bar in Kirkland "wants it both ways—chic but casual, markedly adult but also kid-friendly." When you're right, you're right: Two weeks ago, both Purple locations—Kirkland and Woodinville—inaugurated flavored milk flights for children, designed as an equivalent to the 4-ounce pours of Loire Valley merlot that Mom and Dad might prefer. Clearly, the introduction of milk flights—which include chocolate, strawberry, vanilla-orange, and caramel—is a bold challenge to parents who give their children zero credit, gastronomically speaking, dragging the whole clan off to bland "family restaurants" without considering the alternative. Even if strawberry milk ain't pinot noir, the concept of sampling and savoring, learned in youth, might well be applied in future years to more sophisticated dining experiences. Purple, we salute your forward thinking; kids, feel free to sip and swish, but please refrain from spitting. tween Rocco and a hard place What's a hot, young, misunderstood chef to do? This year on The Restaurant (NBC's food-industry reality show, currently in its second season), something smells rotten at Rocco's on 22nd. In recent installments, chef-owner Rocco DiSpirito has battled moneyman Jeffrey Chodorow for control of the eatery. Now the question is: Will anything be left over for the winner? During each episode, cameras invade the kitchen, tables, bar, and office of Rocco's—where the "real life" of a restaurant supposedly lurks. But knowing that NBC hired Chodorow's intern and encouraged him to be an obnoxious weasel, prompting DiSpirito to fire him . . . well, that kind of takes the shine off the silverware. The Restaurant, which had taken the last couple of weeks off, returned to the airwaves Saturday, May 29. Avoca-dogoodniks With the Atkins and South Beach diets taking the nation by storm, organic food seems increasingly like the only real touchstone for health nuts. While other local restaurants make low-carb adjustments, Chipotle (4231 University Way N.E., 206-547-4644) is thinking outside the Atkins box by insisting on organic avocadoes for their guacamole. The catch: Though the 'cadoes are grown to organic standards, they have yet to be certified, which means the restaurant may have to wait until the end of the summer to trumpet the good news—and to expand its use of organic avocadoes to a year-round program. 0 mo. 0% APR? Kurt Dammeier wanted more Jersey milk in the mix for his Beecher's Handmade Cheese, but his dairyman couldn't see buying 40 more head outright. So venture-capitalist Dammeier bought the cattle and leased the herd back to the farmer. What's next in Dairyland? Stock options? Profit skimming? Moo-tual funds? All right, we'll stop. Food and/or beverage news? E-mail Hot Dish at

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