Market Fresh

The fruits and vegetables keep coming, and even strange hybrids of produce are arriving at various tables throughout the different markets: introducing apriums at Pike Place (straight from Tiny's Organic Orchard), a cross of apricots and plums, and delicious despite the peculiar name (why not "plucots"?). Strawberries are harder to come by at the markets, but raspberries are ripe and ready to be scooped up from the vendors' tables. It's also a perfect time to buy some fresh zucchinis and squash blossoms, which are perfect snacks (try lightly battering and frying the blossoms—you'll be amazed at the flavor), and if you're wondering how to increase your family's interest in healthy food, try livening up your strawberries, cherries, and raspberries with fresh whipping cream straight from Nancy Nipples' Pike Place Market Creamery (and no laughing when you say the name).

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