The Food Lover's Guide to Seattle

By Katy Calcott (Sasquatch Books, $16.95 paper)

With summer upon us, more and more Seattleites are frequenting outdoor markets for fresh ingredients to cook with. But you won't find everything you need at the farmers market; that's where obsessed food lover and author Katy Calcott comes in. Calcott is well versed in the myriad outlets for specialty foods in the Seattle area. In this new and updated edition of The Food Lover's Guide to Seattle, she reviews vendors in depth, portioning out praise when due and criticism when justified. Structurally, the guide is broken down into different types of markets: "Specialty Food Markets," "Superstores," "Ethnic Food Markets," and the like, offering a comprehensive survey and a road map for Northwest cooks as to where to go to get the best of what they want. Glossaries are available to guide those foreign to the ethnic markets, and Calcott takes an encouraging tone in introducing unique foreign ingredients to the food lover. If you love food as I do and want to find the best local sources of everything from culatello to kimchee (and give your wallet a break), The Food Lover's Guide to Seattle is a worthwhile investment. AMY SUNG

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