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The phony Land Use Notice outside the doors of Priceless Works is just the beginning of the mischief in "Urban Dwellers," showing through the end of the month. No, the gallery isn't slated to be demolished and replaced by a 1,500-resident apartment-hotel-casino complex complete with helicopter pad. And no, I'm pretty certain Dylan Neuwirth's painting of a diamond wasn't really "stolen" from the show on opening night—no matter how much gallery owner Regan Peck insists it's true. Other highlights in this show on the messy business of sex and life in the city: Jessica Geiger's hideously real dolls of junkies, hookers, and ne'er-do-wells; Robert Adams's 3-D graphic prints, paintings, and collages (including Above the Belt, shown here); Francesca Berrini's Bareskin Rug, a floor collage that I'll let you imagine; Diane Kurzyna's silly fetish dolls made from candy wrappers and Wonder Bread bags; Zac Corum's charcoal renderings of graffiti-laden railroad cars; and Molly Wolfe's oversize condom in blown glass on AstroTurf. Priceless Works, 619 N. 35th St., Suite 100, 206-349-9943. Noon–6 p.m. Thurs.–Sun. Show runs through July.

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