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Best Activist/Hell-Raiser

David Goldstein lives up to this title. He's extremely active (at least when it comes to hating antitax advocate Tim Eyman), and he definitely likes to raise hell (exemplified by Initiative 831, his attempt to officially declare Eyman "a horse's ass"). Goldstein's passion even led him on an Internet campaign to win this category as a statement against Eyman, and it worked.

Best Local Liberal

Coming off a crowd-pleasing cameo in Fahrenheit 9/11, Jim McDermott, the outspoken Seattle congressman known to many as "Baghdad Jimmy," is your favorite lefty for the second year running.

Best Local Conservative

In a remarkable tribute to Seattle's liberalness—or perhaps just that of our readers—you overwhelmingly declare that there is no such thing. Apparently "best conservative" is an oxymoron—our mistake.

Best-Run Campaign (so Far)

It's only natural that you choose John Kerry and John Edwards, though they're not exactly local. Many of those who do think locally recognize gubernatorial candidate Ron Sims, whose campaign emphasizes three issues: education, state tax reform, and transportation.;

Best Local Cause

Though the madness surrounding the Monorail is far from over, the majority of our readers consider it a positive addition to the city. In fact, we received roughly three times as many pro-monorail votes as anti-monorail rallying cries.

Best Do-Gooder

The founder of IKEA claims to have unseated Bill Gates as the richest person in the world. But does Ingvar Kamprad give millions each year to help improve global health, education, and literacy? You, our perceptive readers, recognize that charity is what sets Bill and Melinda Gates apart. While they get lots of credit for giving globally, consider what they've done locally. They've donated $1,071,594,373 to Northwest charities alone, most here in Washington. That, apparently, does not go unnoticed.

Best Local Celebrity

A recent live album recorded with his band at the Gorge makes Seattle resident Dave Matthews, originally from South Africa, more local than ever. This year, he is popular enough with readers to defeat perpetual M's hero Ichiro.

Best Place to Work

Wanna spend all day in your pajamas, and stuff your face with comfort food? Work at home.

Best Way to Avoid Being Outsourced

Wisely, our readers choose working for yourself as the safest way to keep a job. Since you're the boss, your job won't go overseas unless you send it there. ("Moving to India" is the second most popular answer.)

Best Union

The Service Employees international union (SEIU) unites doctors with janitors, state employees with security officers, and nursing-home employees with bus drivers in hopes of securing better wages and health care—and safer working conditions—for all.

Best Seattle Department: Police or Fire

Since you only have two options, it's not surprising that you choose Fire. While both are necessary public services, the SFD's landslide victory might be due to the fact that firefighters can't write you parking tickets or shoot you, except perhaps with water.

Best Radio Station, News or Talk

Whether your loyalty is based on anchor Patricia Murphy's alluring voice or talk-show host Steve Scher's amiable moderating style, more of you are tuned to KUOW (94.9 FM) for news and discussion than to any other local station.

Best Local Morning Radio Show

It's no secret that KEXP is the best radio station around, so it's no surprise that you consider John in the Morning on KEXP (90.3 FM) the best way to start your day. From older music you miss to stuff you wish you were cool enough to know about, John and his show make even cereal and milk seem interesting.

Best Talk Radio Host

Late-night lone-ranger-liberal KIRO-AM host Mike Webb is your top choice; fellow KIRO host Dave Ross and Steve Scher of KUOW-FM place second and third, respectively.

Best Local Sports Radio Host

Sports-radio fans decide that KIRO-AM's New York Vinnie is the one they want telling them the score. We're lucky to have his unparalleled enthusiasm for sports and strong opinions—a little piece of New York, some might say—in our often too-polite town. Plus, the M's could use a good-luck charm.

Best Local TV News

KING 5 is the channel you turn to when catastrophe strikes—or when you just want to know if it's going to rain in the middle of today's M's game. And why not? KING meteorologist Jeff Renner is Seattle's most accurate forecaster (according to a UW study), while Emmy-winning anchor Jean Enersen, a model of journalistic grit, integrity, and on-screen longevity, always puts viewers at ease.

Best TV News Reporter

Your pick, Kathi Goertzen, is not just a solid anchor for KOMO 4 news, with five Emmys to her name; she's also actively involved in the Seattle YWCA and the Children's Hospital Foundation.

Best Way to Improve KCTS

Readers decide that more funding is the answer to the public TV station's woes. Maybe you can't buy love, but with more money you certainly can buy better programming. An added bonus of an adequate budget, as many note: fewer annoying pledge drives.

Best Local Magazine

When you're seeking information on local dining, art, and fashion in a glossy format, Seattle—a fun and stylish way to get to know your own city—is your preferred coffee-table resource.

Best Daily Newspaper

Give it up for the underdog! You certainly do, as the Seattle Post-Intelligencer wins this year in a tight race against the Times. Despite lawsuits related to the joint operating agreement, the Hearst-owned P-I is still clicking with readers and keeping Seattle in the elite circle of cities with more than one daily newspaper.

Best Daily Newspaper Reporter

You give us columnists, not reporters. One has a sexy new photo above her column; the other writes about the Mariners, Sonics, and Seahawks. Times commentary queen Nicole Brodeur and P-I sports king Art Theil may be different in other ways, too, but you clearly value them equally; they are co-winners, trailed by P-I columnist Robert Jamieson Jr.

Best Community Newspaper

Staffed in part by members of Seattle's homeless community, Real Change is one of two local publications you recognized with a tie in this category; the Seattle Star (formerly the South Seattle Star), last year's Critic Pick for Best Neighborhood Newspaper, is also flourishing these days, thanks largely to the vision of Editor in Chief Wallis Bolz.;

Best Local Web Site

OK, we can take a compliment. Thank you four for putting our very own site,, on top! You also choose some noteworthy runners-up, including the expansive and info-rich and, your home for rock writing, karaoke parties, and romantic advice.


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