Rocked With Gina Gershon

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"We're carrying our own guitars?" asks a fatigued Gina Gershon. "They're heavy." Yes, Gina, they are. Isn't rock and roll glamorous?

The star of films (OK, movies) like Showgirls and Bound, Gershon hired N.Y.C. indie band Girls Against Boys (aka GVSB) to back her up and hit the road in an effort to promote 2003's semidocudrama Prey for Rock and Roll, which the pouty-lipped actress produced and stars in. Not a bad stunt to go with the story of '80s L.A.-based punk band Lovedog, but the icky smell of desperation lingers around most such stunts and capers, and this one pretty much stinks. Prey's distributors threatened to pull almost all of the movie's opening dates if Gershon didn't make like the rock and roller she portrays, so, armed with about three and a half chords and a guitar (as well as an audio engineer, a tour manager, a guitar tech, and a personal assistant), she got busy.

Rocked With Gina Gershon, which aired in six half-hour segments on IFC, contains concert footage and assorted behind-the-scenes nonsense of Gershon and Girls Against Boys on the road—sort of a cross between MTV's Making the Band and some bizarro thirty­something Real World. So did she make the band? Gershon has the look, but not much else—unless you count her good fortune in scoring GVSB, whose indie cred may well be in the crapper as a result. You almost want to die as you watch Gershon butcher cover songs like Burt Bacharach's "Little Red Book," and yes, actors-turned-wanna-be-rock-stars are the easiest targets in show biz, but Gershon does nothing to turn the bad rap around. And yes, Gershon is a huge icon in the lesbian community, but that cliché is driven into the ground by Rocked, too.

The special features on this DVD are about as special as the doc itself, which is to say not at all. It's actually something of an insult to be offered a selection of deleted scenes when the ones that made the cut are only marginally entertaining to begin with—though Gershon's lady friends will probably love the photo gallery. LAURA CASSIDY

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