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The Spanish Table If paella is the national dish of Spain, then gazpacho—a concoction of ripe tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, garlic, moistened bread, olive oil, and red vinegar—is Iberia's official chilled soup/liquid salad/blender beverage. Yet good restaurant gazpacho is elusive. Buena suerte, then, that a Spanish deli tucked away on Western Avenue makes heavenly, authentic gazpacho, probably the best in town. The counter also stocks a few simple sandwiches ($4.10), including an awesome chorizo-and-manchego baguette filled with spicy sausage and firm, fragrant cheese. If you're vegetarian, pass on the so-so bocadillo de piquillo (roasted red pepper and manchego) and opt instead for a tortilla sandwich featuring another Spanish standby, the potato omelette. Even the daily salad special (recently an exquisite saffron rice with caperberries and diced red pepper; $3.49–$4.49) is worth noting, though nothing should distract you from ordering at least one 12-ounce portion ($4.49) of that knee-weakening, perfect-for-summer gazpacho. NEAL SCHINDLER 1427 Western Ave., 206-682-2827. WEST EDGE

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