Sept. 1-7, 2004

Wednesday, Sept. 1

Gift of Gab + Vitamin D

SEE SW THIS WEEK, P. 47. Chop Suey, 8 p.m. $15 adv.

Khanate + Earth

The noise that spills out of Alan Dubin's throat vaguely resembles the noise that spills out of a tabby upon being bent into a right angle. The ex Old frontman is the ideal, demented voice for this epic, punishing, Sasquatch-slow doom-metal trio. Appropriately, the Earth will open when Earth, um, opens. Graceland, 8 p.m. $8

Thursday, Sept. 2

Dan Tyack and the Unsanctified Gospel Revival Revue

The premier non-Unitarian pedal steel player in sanctified steel music (thus his band's name) is a local recently profiled in Mike McGonigal's cover story on Seattle gospel (July 21 27 issue). This is a CD release party. Tractor Tavern, 9 p.m. $7

Giampino Family Benefit: the Long Winters + Ben Gibbard + the Girls + the Lights + more

Pitch in to help out two of the music community's best friends; the Giampinos lost everything they owned to a fire, and the s.o.b. North End arsonist still hasn't been found. 'Course, the music's good too-so, actually, everyone benefits. Neumo's, 7 p.m. $7 $10 suggested donation.

Friday, Sept. 3

The Grannies

At times, this bent, gimmicky San Franciscan collective cops their look from that sneaky bastard wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. In a weird way, their rollicking party-punk sounds like what he'd produce if you stuck him in Granny's garage with a few beat-up Fenders, a four-piece kit, and a four-track. Funhouse, 9 p.m. $5

IQU + Helio Sequence

IQU's first album in six years, Sun Q (Sonic Boom), is out this week, and features a great Theremin-led cover of Minnie Ripperton's "Loving You." And Portland's Helio Sequence have one of the most striking rock records of '04 with the very produced, very tuneful Love and Distance (Sub Pop). Sloasions open. Chop Suey, 9 p.m. NC. Helio Sequence also play Easy Street Records Queen Anne at 6 p.m. Sat. Sept. 4. IQU also play Sonic Boom Ballard at 7 p.m. Tues. Sept. 7.

Dave Matthews Band

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke once dissed Coldplay for producing "lifestyle music." Likable folk-rocker Matthews would take that accusation as a compliment. If you doubt his songwriting chops, listen to 1993's Remember Two Things; his more recent stuff has started to run together. Gorge Amphitheatre, 754 Silica Rd. N.W., George, 206-628-0888, 6 p.m. $47.60 $59.90. Also Sat., Sept. 4 Sun., Sept. 5.

Bally Sagoo

Long before Timbaland decided tablas were the shit or DJ Quik set drums to a Bollywood soundtrack for Truth Hurts' "Addictive," Bally Sagoo was blending Indian film music, bhangra, hip-hop, and dancehall into something all his own. RDB, DJs Manpreet, Singh, and Peter open. Showbox, 9 p.m. $20 adv.

Saturday, Sept. 4

LeRoy Martez Bell

Once upon a time, Bell was writing songs in Philly; Now he's living in Seattle and performing acoustically, and with the same fire as his earlier work. Triple Door, 8 p.m. $15

Post Stardom Depression

Perhaps they should have picked a different name; Post Stardom Depression were dropped by their major-label benefactors, but don't worry, they bounced back. They do seem a little distraught here and there, but for the most part the emotion goes well with their psych-heavy hard rock freakouts. Crocodile Cafe, 9 p.m. $7

Spaghetti and the Meatballs

These pop-punk Dirtnap boys are playing across the street at Bumbershoot and thus cannot reveal their true identity. A hint: Their name is the opposite of a key word used in this here listing. Funhouse, 9 p.m. $5

The Unicorns

Only if you're a fan of goofy pop performance art, friends, only if. It isn't that the Unicorns don't write engaging little ditties (and mix-match them with silly outfits and props), it's that it just doesn't take long to tire of a whole album's-or show's-worth of them. Neumo's, 7 p.m. $10 adv.

Sunday, Sept. 5

Monster Magnet + Bongzilla

SEE CD REVIEW, P. 53. When pot takes center stage (i.e., band monikers, song titles, recurring themes), it brings the suck along for the ride. Bongzilla deliver stashes of episodic sludge rock, but forget to change things up, oh, seven minutes into the dirge. Whatever could cause such a chronic condition? Neumo's, 8 p.m. $15 adv.

Monday, Sept. 6


So the guitarist in this wack commercial emo abomination recently dissed equally wack commercial metal abomination Disturbed, which led to Disturbed's guitarist and vocalist going all OOOH-WA-AH-AH-AH on Finch's asses before their set at the Rolling Rock Town Fair last month. Nobody's fingers were broken and/or severed, hence, both bands will continue to make "music." The end. Graceland, 7 p.m. $13 adv.

Tuesday, Sept. 7


SEE ONE PIECE AT A TIME, P. 49. Chop Suey, 8 p.m. $10 adv.

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