Western Bridge

What, you still haven't gone to Western Bridge, Bill and Ruth True's new gallery in Georgetown? Well, you should, if only for the mischievous, witty building, designed by local Roy McMakin. As for the art itself, I could take or leave most of it, but surrounded by the mumbling obscurity of various video pieces (like another one of Tony Oursler's patented projected faces like the one in the escalator of the Central Library), Zoe Leonard's "Mouth Open, Teeth Showing (I)" dramatically commands the cavernous central gallery. Composed of 113 flea market dolls standing in diagonal rows, the piece comes to life when you walk through it, the doll heads viewed from above suddenly appearing to be a miniature forest or cityscape. A sort of anthropological Zen garden for the consumer age, Leonard's ragtag army of dolls invite endless contemplation. Western Bridge, 3412 Fourth Avenue S. 206-838-7444. Noon-6 p.m. Thurs.-Sat.

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