Those still mourning the Green Cat, the über-friendly vegetarian hangout replaced in mid-August by this brunch-and-lunch spot, are advised to spend the necessary time in grief before heading back. Clean white walls, bowls and flowerpots overflowing with lemons, and lots of unobstructed sunlight create the new visual vibe, a far cry from the Cat's lived-in hippie feel. Local's inaugural menu, though devoid of tofu scrambles, is nice enough: Brunch offerings include a half-dozen French-inspired dishes like vegetable tart ($7.50; look for the kind with fontina cheese and cherry tomatoes) and piperade with fried egg ($8.50). The latter is particularly good, contrasting the light, clean flavor of sautéed red peppers with the richer taste of egg. Better suited to jogging mornings than hangover slouches, Local serves unimpeachable fresh-squeezed OJ and coffee; still, the restaurant may take a while to win the hearts and minds—or even just the stomachs—of Cat loyalists. Those simply in search of Cap Hill brunch options beyond Glo's, Crave, Coastal Kitchen, and the Broadway strip should have an easier time warming up to the place. 1514 E. Olive Way, 206-328-2282. CAPITOL HILL

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