Dahlia Bakery

What with Tom Douglas' coconut cream pie making grown men and women weep, it's no surprise that the little bakery next door to his Dahlia Lounge, and across the street from his new Lola, is every bit as tantalizing as his restaurants proper. Foodies go gaga over the bakery's seasonal breads; this past summer, a wheat loaf studded with corn kernels was so popular that they continued baking it right through most of September. And if you pass by in the late morning during the week, you'll note the neighborhood folks walking slowly as they inhale the rosemary that colors the bakery's savory crostatas. Bacon, cheddar, and chopped potatoes are . . . well, the meat and potatoes of these delicate pastry pies, but it's the fragrant rosemary and the buttery, croissantlike dough that makes them truly special. Should you happen to need dessert after breakfast or lunch (hey, it happens; we understand), go for the coconut macaroons. 2001 Fourth Ave., 206-441-4540. BELLTOWN

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