All About Apples

A tasting menu from Scott Carsberg of Lampreia By Scott Carsberg and Hillel Cooperman (, free)

In an era of virtual reality, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a virtual cookbook. What wasn't to be expected was that the first virtual cookbook would be not only useful and informative but drop-dead gorgeous. The joint creation of Lampreia chef Scott Carsberg and Hillel Cooperman's food blog,, All About Apples is a step-by-step 100-page manual that, if every meticulous instruction and illustration is followed to the letter, will allow an average cook in an average kitchen to re-create an eight-course tasting menu, every course employing apples in a different fashion. Crab rolled in paper-thin Red Delicious tissue; Buckeye apple stuffed with foie gras; red-cabbage soup with apple gelée; red prawns with cooked and raw Zumi apples. . . . Discover the other four recipes for yourself at Discover, too, that you can download the whole thing for free. OK, maybe it's not practical to print out 100 pages and stitch them together; and, says Cooperman, "We realize that most people may not have a large-screen color monitor in the kitchen." But hey, you can always print out the specific recipe you want to make when you need it. And as a glimpse of the wonderful world of online publishing we may soon be living in, All About Apples is worth looking at even if you've never boiled an egg.

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