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If Seattle is to remain at—or, at the very least, near—the forefront of the increasingly health-conscious U.S. food market, it's going to need some barnstorming new business models. Organic to Go founder Jason Brown seems to think that where sandwiches, salads, and soups are concerned, if you build it organic, they will come. Located in Issaquah, OTG delivers complete "lunch bags" (contents: your entrée of choice, a pickle, apple slices, cheese crackers, chocolate, and mineral water) to downtown Seattle and Kirkland, and a recent test lunch at our offices bodes well for the fledgling company. The vegetarian sandwich made with smoked mozzarella, olive tapenade, and pesto ($13.49 for the "lunch bag") is a little too salty, whereas the balance of strong flavors works just fine in the bacon-gorgonzola sandwich ($12.95), which also makes use of our friend the sun-dried tomato. Soups, in general, succeed: The seafood chowder (73 percent organic), teeming with chunks of salmon, shrimp, and clams, is pleasantly thick and well seasoned, while the barley-mushroom soup gives the old recipe a woodsy twist via shiitake and crimini mushrooms ($5.99 for soup; $12.49 for a soup-and-salad "lunch bag"). OTG also delivers comfort-food dinners like meatloaf and spinach lasagna, but lunch is a good place to start, especially since the sideline snacks—crackers and apple and pickle and chocolate—are uniformly stellar. (N.B. A $3.95 delivery fee is added to every order.) 5610 E. Lake Sammamish Pkwy. S.E., 425-837-9922. ISSAQUAH

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