Is Bush the Antichrist?

Bush? No! Rove? Yes!

George Bush the Antichrist ["Is Bush the Antichrist?" Dec. 8]? Hell no! He's nothing more than a lackey imp. The real Antichrist is Karl Rove.

Karen Hansen


Not smart enough

George "Dubya" Bush the Antichrist ["Is Bush the Antichrist?" Dec. 8]? Hardly. The anti-FDR, perhaps, but not the Antichrist. He's neither devious nor smart enough—just lucky.

Jon Komatsu


A Public Service

Tim Appelo's article ["Is Bush the Antichrist?" Dec. 8] is right on. Tim did his homework. Some fundamentalists do represent a serious distortion of Christianity.

If the Weekly became a forum for a continuing, intelligent, informed discussion of the place of religion in 21st century American life, it would do the whole community a great service.

The Rev. Fred Jessett


Antichrist Hysteria

I just read this article, and in my humble opinion, it is the worst piece of trash I have ever seen ["Is Bush the Antichrist?" Dec. 8]. Only the Left Coast could come up with something so absurd and hysterical. At the very end, your support for action to organize the left Christians caps it all off. Losing an election really shook up you fellow travelers, didn't it? Fortunately, the majority of Americans will not agree with you.

Bert Striegler

Rochelle, Texas

Antichrist Misunderstood

I am a United Methodist minister. Having found the scriptures as well as the classics from the first five centuries of the church to be more informative, I do not read LaHaye, Falwell, or Robertson. Tim Appelo's article reveals a very small man—not the president, but the author ["Is Bush the Antichrist?" Dec. 8]. When you think about it, without Mr. Bush having been elected president—twice—the author would have nothing at all to say.

Whether it is from some fundamentalist crank or whether it is from someone like Mr. Appelo (I suspect he thinks of himself as too smart to have any religion at all), I've had about enough of people who know who the Antichrist is. In my lifetime we have heard it was Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Henry Kissinger, or even some supercomputer in Western Europe.

Even a cursory reading of scripture, by the most uninformed, shows that Mr. Appelo has completely misunderstood the concept of Antichrist.

To take a little different direction, I doubt seriously Mr. Bush's personal understanding of the faith is in exact alignment with Christian orthodoxy (as defined by the early and undivided Church), but there is a spirit of nastiness oozing from Mr. Appelo's article that I have not seen in Mr. Bush. If I had a choice of one or the other for a neighbor, I know which I would choose.

My recommendation would be that Mr. Appelo stick with something he knows and understands and leave religion to those who have some training in it.

Rev. Bill Williams

Troy, NC

Embroidering a Vision

Just so right on ["Is Bush the Antichrist?" Dec. 8]. My sister and I, while growing up in Portland (we're 68 and 66 now), used to talk about embroidering a sampler to hang on the wall . . . "There Is Nothing More Dangerous Than a Devout Christian." My, my, my, we were so far ahead of our time.

Marilyn Mueller

Sawtooth Valley, ID

Recounting the Recount

It is asserted that the U.S. Supreme Court "said it was illegal to precisely count every ballot in Florida" ["Buzz," Dec. 8].

Counting, precisely or not, every vote in Florida was never an issue before the U.S. Supreme Court. Gore, et al., never asked for a recount of every vote in Florida, only in selected counties. The Florida Supreme Court mandated that a recount be made only in counties where so called "under-votes" had not been manually tabulated. The U.S. Supreme Court found that remedy illegal. More truth and fewer false statements would add credibility to your paper.

Eric Tronsen


It's a Tie; Have a Runoff

Here is a word for us to chant: runoff. Why is it so difficult for anyone involved to say publicly that it is time to call it a tie? Long-term election reform must address this lack of provision for resolving a vote that is a statistical dead heat. That said, counting all of the votes, as accurately and fairly as possible, with a consistent standard for the acceptability of ballots, is what we must do in the short run. How could any candidate and future governor publicly stand for anything less than the truth? And for now, what we know is true is that this is too close to call. So why not ask for a runoff so that a court does not decide to stop counting because of the calendar. We want a truly elected governor, period. It is time for us to demand that these candidates stand for something invigorating, not enervating, to the voting public.

A runoff election will pump some blood back into these pale, tired, beaten-down citizens—runoff, runoff, runoff.

Sandy Cioffi


Count All the Votes

I trust that you will stand with all of us that want every valid vote counted in the latest round for the governor of Washington state. If they can get a fair election in Ukraine, then we can count all the votes here.

Eric McConaghy


No Claim on Lobotomies

Washington may have many skeletons in its closet, but contrary to Knute Berger's assertion in "Wrongheaded Murder" [Mossback, Dec. 8], inventing the ice pick lobotomy is not one of them. As detailed in my book The Lobotomist: A Maverick Medical Genius and His Tragic Quest to Rid the World of Mental Illness (Wiley, forthcoming in January), the Washington, D.C., neurologist and psychiatrist Walter Freeman began performing transorbital lobotomies on his patients using an ice pick in January 1946. Not until months later, after Freeman had used the procedure on patients on the East Coast and in South Dakota, did he bring the transorbital lobotomy to Western State Hospital, where he demonstrated the operation and taught the technique to the staff.

I'm sure this still leaves Washington state with plenty to apologize for.

Jack El-Hai

Minneapolis, MN

Open Season for Gays

Ha! Thanks to Steve Wiecking for saying it [Small World, "Reindear," Dec. 8]! I bought the DVD of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer a couple of years ago to relive my childhood and was appalled by how blatant it is. In fact, I think I was so pissed by the end of it I haven't watched it since.

Wiecking's right, though; the little gay kids need all the inspiration they can get. If Wiecking's looking for material in April, I think that Rankin/Bass Easter bunny is a little off, too.

C. Daniel Tideman

Tulsa, OK

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