The Melting Pot

Sure, it's a little cheesy (sorry), but the Melting Pot's happy hour is a pretty decent deal, and sometimes there's just nothing quite like a vat of melted cheddar to go along with your caramel appletini après an afternoon sporting event at KeyArena or a matinee at Intiman. Every evening from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the bar, cheese and chocolate fondues, appetizers, and salads are half off, and a rotating selection of nicely discounted drink specials are offered as well. Despite the fact that the Melting Pot is a part of a huge national chain, the fondues are really quite good; you might try the traditional Swiss fondue, with Gruyère and Emmanthaler cheeses, accented nicely with nutmeg and a touch of white wine. Instead of $16 (for a serving plenty big enough for two), the warm, gooey cheese and attendant apple chunks, veggies, and bread dippers go for $8, and a trio of salads (the California is tangy and rich with gorgonzola cheese and a black walnut vinaigrette) are available for $3.50 each. 14 Mercer St., 206-378-1208. QUEEN ANNE

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