The Crumpet Shop

Tea and crumpets get a bad rap. Many Americans associate them with British society at its stuffiest, and that has to change. So I'm pleased to report that Pike Place Market's Crumpet Shop is Seattle's newest hipster hot spot, the place where the cool kids go to see, be seen, and talk about the Dogs Die in Hot Cars show they all went to last night at Neumo's. OK, maybe it's not like that at all—but the crumpets are fabulous. I was under the mistaken impression that crumpets are like croissants; in fact, they're more like English muffins, though I think the comparison does them a disservice. Crumpets are softer, less prone to dryness, and less riddled with irritating bumps and dips, yet still magnificent at absorbing melted butter. Cut one in half and spread orange marmalade all over it, and you've got yourself a light, luscious breakfast. Pair the crumpet with tea—the Shop serves several varieties, all presteeped (!) and waiting, hot, in dispensers—and nothing could be finer. 1503 First Ave., 206-682-1598. PIKE PLACE MARKET

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