Vérité Coffee

Yes, you can have a cupcake for lunch—and at Vérité you'll actually be having a Cupcake Royale, so feel free to recite Samuel L. Jackson's and John Travolta's lines from Pulp Fiction if you'd like, we're sure they haven't heard them enough. In case you're interested in something not covered with rich, homemade butter-cream frosting, however, Vérité also serves great sandwiches. There are four to choose from: The turkey ($6.50) is smartly dressed up with everyone's favorite locally produced goat horn peppers, Momma Lil's; and the fresh mozzarella ($5.50) comes with the usual tomato and basil and some tangy olive tapenade as well. Vérité's baking peers at Essential are called upon to provide the bread component, so once the cupcake counter–staff puts the sandwiches through the grill, they become warm, wonderful medleys of fresh, quality ingredients. When you're finished, go ahead and give in already—just make it a cupcake-mini. 2052 N.W. Market St., 206-782-9557. BALLARD 1101 34th Ave., 206-709-4497. MADRONA

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