Bus Stop

Nestled among the usual Capitol Hill suspects (the Cha Cha, Manray, Kincora, Linda's) is a little establishment building a large following in an area that's seen many a bar come and go. The Bus Stop's appeal isn't only due to strong drinks, friendly (and eye-catching) bartenders, and a relaxed atmosphere; the secret seems to be the bar's appeal to an array of people, from burly tattoos and leather to kitten heels and Kate Spade all amicably getting sloshed together in unpretentious surroundings. Bus Stop hosts an intimate Karaoke Night on Sundays (so at least try to sing in key) and houses the popular Craft Night on Tuesdays, where knitting needles can either be used for creative purposes or to poke any strange person attempting to hit on you (although, luckily, this bar seems to be lacking in the overly aggressive frat-boy types). Time will tell what kind of staple crowd Bus Stop ends up with, but I'm hoping it continues to be a place where PBR and dirty martinis can sit side by side in perfect harmony. 508 E. Pine St., 206-322-9123. CAPITOL HILL 4 p.m.–2 a.m. daily.

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