April 13-19, 2005

Wednesday, April 13

Corey Harris and Henry Butler Duo

Guitarist Harris and pianist Butler are two of the snazzier blues players around, and together they should be nigh near irresistible. Dimitriou's Jazz Alley, 7:30 p.m. $20.50–$22.50

Thursday, April 14

Atmosphere + Grayskul

ALSO SEE CD REVIEW, P. 53. After releasing the excellent Deadlivers on Rhymesayers, Grayskul—Oldominion's Onry Ozzborn and JFK, and bass player Rob Castro—left town to tour the country. They're stopping through with Atmosphere, but the tour's not over. Hear them live now, as Deadlivers is the latest surge pushing Seattle's hip-hop into the national scene. Neumo's, 8 p.m. $15/$18

David Thomas

David Thomas is one of the most entitled men in music—which is a nice way of saying that he sometimes seems like a pain the ass. Blame it on his highly attuned sense of modernist art. Great to listen to, but we wouldn't want to be in his band. Sunset Tavern, 9 p.m. $10


SEE FEATURE, P. 47. El Corazon, 8 p.m. $8

Regina Spektor

Soviet Kitsch is the name of this now–New York critical favorite's debut album; by many accounts, her live show is every bit as intriguing as her back story. Crocodile Cafe, 9 p.m. $8/$10

Friday, April 15


The city's most deliriously fun live band just gets better with every show, which is saying something; they've also been parading good new material and strutting their stuff on the road. Dolour and Friends for Heroes open. VERA Project, 7:30 p.m. $8 members/$9

Album Leaf + Plastiq Phantom

Tristeza guitarist Jimmy LaValle's Album Leaf have been slowly gaining critical momentum following last year's In a Safe Place (Sub Pop); Plastiq Phantom (aka Imputor? Records head Darrin Wiener) should do as well thanks to his smart self-titled disc from 2004. Neumo's, 8 p.m. $10

Library Science + Matt Corwine

The indie-dub maestros of Library Science and local electronica (and occasional SW music-section contributor) Corwine are a pretty inspired pair; one of the better local electronic bills this year so far. Rendezvous, 9 p.m. $5


Kuma's new Fast Colliding, their third self-release, shows the local band moving through more stark performance. Chop Suey, 8 p.m. $8

The Black Lips + Tractor Sex Fatality

Jesus but these guys are a mess. Wait, so are those guys. Between Atlanta's Black Lips and the local openers, well, I wouldn't want to be the Funhouse's janitor. Both bands deal in the kind of performance-heavy garage rock that ends in blood and broken bones. Funhouse, 4 p.m. $5

Saturday, April 16

Spanish for 100

The fast-rising rock band has just done its first KEXP in-studio session, and has issued a debut EP, Metric, produced by Phil Ek. Mortimer and Weary open. EMP Liquid Lounge, 10 p.m.

The New Year

The New Year take lines of thought (not really lyrics, but dialogue) and apply them to guitars that sound naked no matter what they're dressed up in. This is the kind of mood rock that makes grown men cry. Ladies, be there for them. Crocodile Cafe, 9 p.m. $10/$12

Toots and the Maytals

Though True Love (V2), Toots' first album in ages, was sort of dispiriting (did he really need to duet with Gwen Stefani?), he's always an amazing showman, with maybe the greatest singing voice to emerge from Jamaica. Showbox, 8 p.m. $25

U.S.E. + Bruno Pronsato

SEE FRIDAY. Pronsato's been issuing great records on his Orac imprint for a few years now; if you like to shake your stuff to the headliners, make sure to check him out, too. VERA Project, 7:30 p.m. $8 members/$9

Mix Master Mike + Electric Six + VHS or Beta

See SW THIS WEEK, P. 43. Neumo's, 8 p.m. Free

Swarming Hordes

There is fast metal, and then there is metal played at such a speed that methamphetamine use would not account. Swarming Hordes fall much closer to the latter. Their instru-metal is blindingly fast; it's also epic, like flying over the Swiss Alps at Mach 2. Chop Suey, 9 p.m. $6

Federation X

Federation X recorded their self-titled debut on the cheap, in the small hours at WWU's aging basement studio. For the next two albums, they sort of went to the other end of the spectrum, recording American Folk Horror and X-Patriot with Tim Green (Nation of Ulysses, Fucking Champs) and Steve Albini, respectively. Now they're bringing things back home—frontman Bill Badgley aborted school in N.Y.C., and the trio is completing Rally Day, sure to be full of swaggering riffs and artillery barrage percussion, back in Bellingham. Funhouse, 9:30 p.m. $6


SEE FEATURE, P. 52. Paradox, 8 p.m. $10


Mooncalf used to have a laptop guy as their drummer. The result sounded something like Modest Mouse without the depression, or Built to Spill without the sonic abandon. Word on the street is they have a drummer now, which should make for a more entertaining live show. High Dive, 9 p.m. $6

Sunday, April 17

The Wedding Present

SEE FEATURE, P. 45 . Neumo's, 8 p.m. $12/$14

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