Club Medusa

High above on the catwalks, hot undulating babes undulate hotly in halter tops and short shorts. Images of go-go girls dance across flat screens, and VIP areas are guarded by Mr. T look-alikes. You're at Club Medusa, it's well past 2 a.m., but no one's thinking of going home. On Friday and Saturday nights, this is the place to go when the other clubs have closed; although they don't serve drinks that late, the music keeps going until 4 a.m. and so does the dancing. DJs spin hip-hop of new- and old-school vintages, and dance hits of all genres are paraded out like ready-to-wear fashion. Even during the week, when Medusa closes up shop well before the sun starts to think about rising, the club boasts a broad appeal and packed house—and plenty of space for everyone on the dance floor. 2218 Western Ave., 206-652-0981.

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