April 27-May 3, 2005

Wednesday, April 27

Living Legends + Jedi Mind Tricks + Pigeon John + Boom Bap Project

A solid lineup from start to finish—headliners Living Legends have been around since the early '90s, when the Grouch hooked up with Mystik Journeymen (Sunspot Jonz and LuckyIam) in their Oakland party loft, and Murs, Scarub, and Eligh wandered north from L.A. Opening is local trio Boom Bap Project, parents of a promising album forthcoming on Rhymesayers. Showbox, 8 p.m. $15/$18

Kings of Leon

It's a wholly typical indie-band maneuver: good music, lousy singing. And its latest practitioner is also known as "the Southern Strokes," which sort of fits, though not as much as it would if these guys had written anything as catchy as "Last Nite." Easy Street Records, 20 Mercer St., 206-691-3279, 6:30 p.m. Free


Rivers Cuomo's cult status has always been weird—is he really that much better looking than dozens of equally catchy, equally dull bandleaders? Are his lyrics really that much more interesting than, Jesus, anyone else's?—but even the fervent are calling time on the lousy new single about Hollywood. Moore Theater, 8 p.m. $28

The Chemical Brothers

SEE SW THIS WEEK, P. 39. Premier, 9 p.m. $30

British Sea Power

We'll resist the nautical jokes (you're welcome) and say that this U.K. combo does straightforward, post-post-punk pretty well. Neumo's, 8 p.m. $10 adv./$12

M. Gira's Angels of Light + Akron/Family + Suffering and the Hideous Thieves

SEE AMERICA, U.S.A., P. 42. Tractor Tavern, 9 p.m. $13 adv./$15

Thursday, April 28


Because rockabilly isn't laden enough with kitsch as is, this Danish quartet infuses it with an equally profound love for horror movies. Plus they're Danish, which always has some kitsch appeal for Americans. They rock hard enough that it won't matter, though. El Corazon, 7 p.m. $8 adv./$10

Plan B

One of the city's best electronic acts gets it moving onstage, mixing suave beats and nerdy indie rock like they were born to go hand in hand, which, of course, they were. At the Spine, Fey Ray, and Touchdown Eagle open. Neumo's, 8 p.m. $6

Earl Klugh

The term "pioneer smooth jazz guitarist" might sound fishy, but that's what Klugh is, having been recording for nearly 30 years now. He plays with drummer Yonrico Scott and bassist Scott Glazer. Dimitriou's Jazz Alley, 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. $24.50–$26.50 Also Friday, April 29–Sunday, May 1

Friday, April 29

Mommy & Daddy + Black Horse + Hunk Parade

The liner notes for Fighting Style Killer Panda (Kanine Records) state that when "Mommy" is singing and operating the drum machine, "Daddy" is playing bass and vice versa. The songs are somewhat limited by this setup, but if you like the idea of an electro-trash White Stripes, you'll hardly notice. VERA Project, 7:30 p.m. $8/$7

The Detroit Cobras + Razrez + Black Eyes and Neckties

This nicely rounded bill features the fashionable hardcore of Bellingham's Black Eyes and Neckties, local glam-slammers Razrez (beware flying eyeliner and skewed '77 punk riffs!), and garage rock/soul favorites Detroit Cobras. The last are the big draw; their mix of reworked covers and fast-and-dirty originals spawns drinking and dancing. Crocodile Cafe, 9 p.m. $10

Schoolyard Heroes

Our premier underage screamo outfit is getting better by the month—and fresh off a South by Southwest appearance that had industry types abuzz. Catch 'em now before they outgrow the Schoolyard. Adaine and the Insurgence open. Paradox Theater, 8 p.m. $7

The Lashes

They're on Columbia now, which means their sloppy, endearing, not a little bit obnoxious mugs may soon be plastering a UPN soap near you. Wouldn't be the first time a Seattle band did that and wrote catchy indie pop-rock at the same time, would it? Neumo's, 8 p.m. $8

Saturday, April 30

No West Festival

In the spirit of similar happenings organized by folks like '70s guitar innovator Derek Bailey, the No West Festival seeks to explore the improv format. A core of acoustic and electric performers will travel between Portland and Seattle, collaborating (and exploring) with different local players each night. Gallery 1412, 8 p.m. Also Sunday, May 1

The Hunches + the Intelligence + Meercaz

Portland punks the Hunches meet up with their friends, local garage junk engineers the Intelligence. The Intelligence play sans ex–Seattleite/Popular Shape frontman Nicholas Brawley, who, even from his new home base in San Fran, manages to infect the band's sound. Listen carefully; you might even hear him tonight. Funhouse, 9:30 p.m. $5

Jason Webley

Yes, it's that time of year again—punk accordionist Webley must face his annual onstage "killing." What will it be by now? A rogue spotlight? A paper airplane? Killer bees? The suspense nearly puts us in the condition Webley will be by the end of the show. Paradox Theater, 8 p.m. $9


New York's Unsane had a good idea. They'd mix industrial growl with hardcore punk's feral blast. Then they'd do it again and again till they got it right, and after that had been achieved, they'd keep on doing it. Their latest result is called Blood Run (Relapse). Plaster and Swarming Hordes open. Sunset Tavern, 9 p.m. $10

Damon and Naomi + Kurihara

Modesty seems to be the middle names of ex-Galaxie 500 members/current obscurantist indie publishers Damon Krukowski (drums) and Naomi Yang (bass, vocals). Their drowsy folk-psych-rock is mighty appealing, even more so when they're joined by Kurihara, from Japan's Ghost, with whom the duo recorded 2001's gemlike Damon and Naomi With Ghost (Sub Pop). Colossal Yes and Joshua Beckman open. Tractor Tavern, 9:30 p.m. $10

Sunday, May 1

SW Music Awards Showcase: Dalmatians + Biography of Ferns + Verona + Memphis Radio Kings + Marmalade + Darrius Willrich Project

SEE PULLOUT. Last Supper Club, 7 p.m. $7 joint cover

SW Music Awards Showcase: Cancer Rising + Plan B + Senate Arcade + the Dead Science + Infomatik + Paula Maya

SEE PULLOUT. Catwalk, 7 p.m. $7 joint cover

SW Music Awards Showcase: Ms. Led + Razrez + Left Hand Smoke + All American Playboys + the Swains + Kim Virant + Robb Benson

SEE PULLOUT. Central Saloon, 6 p.m. $7 joint cover

SW Music Awards Showcase: MangoSon + Optimus Rhyme + Felicia Loud and the Soul + Supersones + PK and What Army

SEE PULLOUT. Contour, 7 p.m. $7 joint cover

SW Music Awards Showcase: Type A! + Hudson Blues Band + Charles White Band + Nick Vigarino + Tim Casey and the Bluescats + Becki Sue and Her Big Rockin' Daddies

SEE PULLOUT. Doc Maynard's, 7 p.m. $7 joint cover

SW Music Awards Showcase: Go Like Hell + Kuma + Windowpane + Glorious + Josh Williamson Band + P.K. Dwyer

SEE PULLOUT. Fenix Aboveground, 7 p.m. $7 joint cover

SW Music Awards Showcase: Blöödhag + Utterance + Maiden Seattle + 1234 + Stay Tuned + Luke Temple

SEE PULLOUT. Fenix Underground, 7 p.m. $7 joint cover

SW Music Awards Showcase: Latigo Lace + Jerry and the Philbillys + Jo Miller and Her Burly Roughnecks + Alice Stuart and the Formerlys + Shoup Group + Bill Horist + Paul Rucker Ensemble

SEE PULLOUT. New Orleans, 6 p.m. $7 joint cover

Monday, May 2

Damian Marley + Stephen Marley

The children of famous people will be with us forever, and sometimes they'll have a smidgen of their folks' talent, but that doesn't mean we have to pay homage at $15–$17 a head, does it? Neumo's, 8 p.m. $15 adv./$17

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