Crocodile Cafe

Now in its teenage years, the Crocodile Cafe buzzes five or six nights a week from its colorful corner in Belltown. The music fortress hosts the hottest up-and-coming national and local music acts in its main room, occasionally removing the walls to open up for larger shows. The back bar allows an escape from the music, and its rustic decor and cutting-edge art installations create a separate scene altogether. Speaking of scene: You may have heard that current Croc booker/promoter Pete Greenberg recently fell upon hard times; a sudden and very serious illness put him in the hospital, but like many in the music scene, Greenberg has no insurance. Look for upcoming benefits at the Croc (there's one coming up on May 30) and other venues, and do think about pitching in. If you've enjoyed a great show at the Crocodile lately, there's every chance that Greenberg was at least partially responsible for it. 2200 Second Ave., 206-441-5611.

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